Paintings conservator Mary McGinn (left) and CCP conservator Jae Gutierrez (right) collaborating to treat Robert Heinecken’s Cream Six in preparation for exhibition

The Center's conservation department focuses on developing and implementing preventive conservation policies and procedures that reduce the risk of damage or deterioration of collection materials, and thereby also reduce the need for conservation treatment. That said, collection materials can change or become damaged necessitating the need for treatment. The primary goals of every conservation treatment are to minimize deterioration and prolong the existence of an object. Some conservation treatments also involve aesthetic interventions to improve the appearance of an object.

The ability to conduct conservation treatment requires specialized training. The department abides by the guidelines and principles established in the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice in defining all its treatment methodologies, including examination, documentation, and treatment work. 

Individuals seeking preservation advice or conservation treatment of privately owned collection materials can find helpful resources for identifying conservators at AIC's Find a Conservator online guide.